The picture house art prize 2020


winner announced 16 may


Heather Acton

"Picnic Spot Beside the Road”
Oil on Board
29 x 31cm

Jennifer Scarini-Ockers

"Finish Scene”
Oil on Canvas
60 x 90cm

RW Cooke

"Taken by The Wind”
Oil on canvas
30.5 x 36.9cm

Minal Karim

"An Unexpected Passenger”
Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
41 x 51cm

Alexandra Watson

"Essential Worker”
150 x 150cm

Lily Grace

Acrylic on Canvas 
18 x 25cm

Greg Baines

Mixed Media Painting
45 x 45cm

Tracie Axton

"Des cellules vegetales”
 Mixed Media
30 x30cm

Lynne Flemons

"Sunlit Forest, Bithry Inlet”
Acrylic on Canvas
 33 x 43cm

Cassandra Brooker

"Watson Flora”
Pen & Ink, Pencil on Eucalyptus Wash
36.5 x 39cm

Miranda Calatzis

"Magic Tree”
Wool, Metal & Wood
20 x 25cm

Barbie Robinson

"Bago State Forest Regeneration”
Inkjet Print on Rag Paper
33 x 48.3cm

Heather Acton

"Mountain Path”
Oil on Board
32 x 41cm

Amy Curran

"Pair of King Parrots”
46 x 56cm

Di Smith

Acrylic on Canvas
76 x 100cm

George Washingmachine

"The Beach”
Oil on canvas
90 x 150cm

Fleur McDonald

Gouache & Varnish on Wood
34 x 58cm

Madeline Coelho

"Queensland Zygocactus”
Acrylic on Canvas
51 x 66cm

Amy Curran

"A Light Dusting at Oberon”
40 x 50cm

Susan Hill

"Sinai Stories”
Oil on Canvas
38 x 76cm

John Storey

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”
20.5 x 30cm

Barbara David

Acrylic on Board
31 x 48cm

Renee Andrews

"Approaching Storm”
Photograph Stretched Canvas Print
61 x 101cm

John Storey

"Life Upon Life”
12 x 16cm

Simone Denis

“Superb Wren”
Pencil & Acrylic on Paper
21 x 29cm

Mary Butt

66 x 80cm

Shelley Richardson

"Travel Plans”
Pen & Ink
38 x 57cm

RW Cooke

“Kiama Lighthouse”
Oil on Canvas
61 x 91cm

Emma Storey

"After The Fires”
Acrylic on Canvas
28 x 36cm

Malcolm Sands

Oil on Canvas
101.5 x 111.5cm